Vocabulary Exercises
Business Language

Please select the correct answer for each of the questions below:


1 - He isn't a very good salesman. He has a lot of problem when it comes to ________ .

a - cyberspace
b - copped out
c - closing a deal
d - cog in the machine

2 - The genuine results for the year were pretty bad but thanks to ________ we made them look OK!

a - creative accounting
b - copped out
c - keep a cool head
d - cog in the machine

3 - I'm not an important person in this company. I'm just a lowly ________ .

a - cog in the machine
b - coining it in
c - closing a deal
d - keep a cool head

4 - She didn't even try to raise the matter at the meeting. She just ________ completely.

a - cut corners
b - crash course
c - copped out
d - creative accounting

5 - I'm sure a lot of our future income is going to come from the Internet and other ________ activities.

a - keep a cool head
b - cyberspace
c - chew this over
d - copped out

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