When/If + Future




Grammar Exercises


The Future

Please select the correct answer for each of the questions below:


1 - When he ______ , tell him that I've already left.

a - comes
b - will come

2 - If I'm there tomorrow, I ______ you a call.

a - give
b - will give

3 - If I see him, I ______ him.

a - tell
b - will tell

4 - When we ______ to the hotel, I'm going to go for a swim to cool off.

a - get
b - will get

5 - If you know what's good for you, you ______ and apologise to her at once.

a - go
b - will go

6 - When the report ______ finished, I'll send it round by courier.

a - is
b - will be

7 - When he ______ what has happened, he'll be very upset.

a - hears
b - will hear

8 - My father will buy me the new Sony palmtop, if I ______ my exams.

a - pass
b - will pass

9 - If I ______ from you, I'll assume that everything went off OK.

a - don't hear
b - won't hear

10 - If he ______ to do it, I'll do it.

a - doesn't want
b - won't want
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