Going to 3




Grammar Exercises


The Future

Please select the correct answer for the below questions:


1 - I need someone to take this down to the mail room.

a - I'm going to do it.
b - I'll do it.

2 - This box is too heavy for me.

a - I'm going to help you.
b - I'll help you.

3 - The phone's ringing.

a - I'm going to get it.
b - I'll get it.

4 - I need someone to meet a visitor at the airport.

a - I'm going to go.
b - I'll go.

5 - Goodnight.

a - I'm going to see you tomorrow.
b - I'll see you tomorrow.

6 - I've bought myself a piano.

a - I'll learn to play.
b - I'm going to learn to play.

7 - What are your plans for the Summer?

a - I'm going to Ariba.
b - I'll go to Ariba.

8 - I'm so tired.

a - I think I'm going to bed.
b - I think I'll go to bed.

9 - Who wants to do it?

a - It has already been decided. I'll do it.
b - It's already been decided. I'm going to do it.

10 - I need to catch up with my work.

a - So I'm going to work all next weekend to catch up.
b - So I'll work all next weekend to catch up.
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