Decisions, intentions, plans




Grammar Exercises


The Future

Please find the correct answer:


1 - I'm feeling thirsty. I think I ______ a beer.

a - will have
b - am having
c - am going to have
d - have

2 - What are you doing this evening?
I haven't decided. Maybe I ______ for a drink in the hotel bar. Maybe not.

a - am going to go
b - go
c - am going
d - will go

3 - It's not a good idea to take the car. There will be loads of traffic jams.
Well in that case I don't think I ______ to London after all.

a - go
b - am going
c - am going to go
d - will go

4 - Are you going to London tomorrow ? I hear there is going to be a train strike.
Well in that case I think I ______ .

a - am going to take
b - am taking
c - take
d - will take

5 - We mustn't be late for the theatre. The play ______ at 8.00.

a - starts
b - is starting
c - is going to start
d - will start

6 - John has just phoned to say that he has still not received your letter.
Well in that case I ______ a copy straight away. What's his fax number?

a - will fax
b - fax
c - am going to fax
d - am faxing

7 - I've decided that I'm getting too tired. So I ______ work at 5.30 every day next week without fail.

a - will leave
b - am leaving
c - leave
d - am going to leave

8 - You don't seem very happy in your job.
No, in fact I ______ as soon as I can get a new one.

a - will leave
b - leave
c - am going to leave
d - am leaving

9 - How are you going to get to Athens?
Everything is already arranged. I ______ from London on the first flight on Friday morning.

a - fly
b - am going to fly
c - will fly
d - am flying

10 - If we offer you more money, will you stay?
I don't think so but I ______ about it.

a - think
b - will think
c - am thinking
d - am going to think

11 - Would you like a drink?
Oh thank you very much. I ______ a gin and tonic please.

a - have
b - am having
c - am going to have
d - will have

12 - George just phoned to say he cannot make it to dinner tonight after all.
That's the third person to cancel on me. I think I ______ the whole thing off.

a - will call
b - call
c - am going to call
d - am calling

13 - Are you likely to see Sarah any time soon?
Yes, in fact she ______ round to dinner this evening.

a - is going to come
b - comes
c - is coming
d - will come

14 - Everyone looks really tired. I think we ______ for the day at this point.

a - are stopping
b - will stop
c - are going to stop
d - stop

15 - We're going out to a night club. Would you like to come?
I don't think I ______ . I'm a bit tired.

a - will
b - am going to
c - am being
d - am

16 - What time do we have to be at the airport?
Well the plane ______ at 10.05.

a - will leave
b - is going to leave
c - is leaving
d - leaves

17 - This English grammar is confusing. I think I ______ the exercise again.

a - am doing
b - will do
c - am going to do
d - do

18 - Why have you bought all that paint? I ______ my bedroom in the next week or so.

a - redecorate
b - am redecorating
c - am going to redecorate
d - will redecorate

19 - I've already decided. I ______ Harry and there is nothing you can do to make me change my mind.

a - sack
b - am sacking
c - am going to sack
d - will sack

20 - I've got a lot of work to do. Maybe I ______ after all. Sorry.

a - am not going to come
b - am not coming
c - won't come
d - don't come
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