Inversion 1




Grammar Exercises



Choose the best inversion structure to complete each sentence:


1 - _________ should children be allowed to drive.

a - no sooner
b - under no circumstances

2 - Many a time _________ plan to divorce her husband, but she never did.

a - she did
b - did she

3 - _________ had I left than I heard them laughing.

a - no sooner
b - only when

4 - Now _________ to escape and she jumped from the window.

a - was the time
b - the time was

5 - _________ after months of planning were they ready for the conference.

a - rarely
b - only

6 - What _________ is simply not true.

a - are you saying
b - you are saying

7 - _________ who borrowed the money.

a - Max it was
b - It was Max

8 - Only _________ can we start the party.

a - when Jane has arrived
b - when has Jane arrived
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