Around the House




Grammar Exercises



Please select the correct answer:


1 - Which of the following would you probably find in the bedroom?

a - A sofa
b - A cushion
c - An armchair
d - A pillow

2 - My boyfriend's dad's a builder so we're planning to ________ the flat ourselves.

a - do in
b - do away
c - do down
d - do up

3 - Where do people keep their clean clothes?

a - In a cupboard
b - ln a laundry basket
c - In a wardrobe
d - In a shed

4 - What do we call the money that you might borrow in order to buy a house?

a - A hire purchase
b - A loan
c - A mortgage
d - A credit card

5 - Which of the following is NOT found on the floor?

a - Wallpaper
b - A rug
c - Lino
d - A carpet

6 - The trouble with living in a _________ is that we can hear the noisy neighbours through the walls on both sides of us.

a - detached house
b - bungalow
c - semi-detached house
d - terraced house
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