Meaning by Word 01




Vocabulary Exercises


Meaning by Word

Please specify the meaning of each of the below words:


1 - v. delineate

a - to ruin; to decay; to destroy
b - to speak out against; to condemn; to accuse; to censure
c - to purify of offensive material; to censor
d - to outline; to describe; to sketch; to draw

2 - adj. captious

a - disposed to find fault; picky; narrow-minded
b - thoughtful; contemplative; meditative; musing
c - equivalent to; equal to
d - having the power to influence or convince; persuasive; influential

3 - adj. amiable

a - pertaining or relating to a church
b - understood but not plainly stated; without doubt; indirectly suggested; implied; unconditional; contained within
c - unconquerable; unbeatable; invulnerable; indisputable
d - friendly; genial; pleasant

4 - n. craven

a - mass departure; emigration
b - esteem or influence accorded for recognized achievements or reputation
c - person who abandons something, as a religion, cause or movement; traitor
d - coward; abject person

5 - n. myriad

a - party slogan
b - similarity; correlation; parallelism; comparability
c - large number; a lot; innumerable; endless; infinitive; multiple
d - offender; person who is guilty of an offense

6 - v. paraphrase

a - to attack with words; to question the truthfulness or integrity; to challenge
b - to delay or refuse to commit oneself in order to gain time; to avoid an answer
c - to banish; to exile; to withdraw from one's country; to expel
d - to restate the meaning of a passage in other words

7 - n. misnomer

a - similarity; correlation; parallelism; comparability
b - name or term that describes wrongly
c - regret for wrongdoing; remorse; uneasiness of conscience
d - principle accepted as authoritative; belief

8 - adj. sanctimonious

a - pretending to be religious; self-righteous
b - contemptible; degrading; humiliating; ignoble; contempt; base; mean
c - wise; prudent; sensible; discreet
d - inclined to believe anything; easily imposed upon; naive; gullible; deceivable

9 - v. exploit

a - to use for one's selfish purpose
b - to laugh at; to utter with scorn; to jeer; to taunt mock
c - to deprive or leave desolate by loss; to suffer loss
d - to push away; to repel; to reject

10 - n. fiasco

a - setting forth facts; public exhibition; show; clarification
b - party slogan
c - ludicrous and complete failure; disaster
d - faithfulness; loyalty
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