A Collision




Preparation Exersises


Finish The Story

Please fill the below sentences with the best answer to complete the story:


1 - I really can't tell what's ........

a - taking in
b - going by
c - taking off
d - going on

2 - The trouble is somebody is ........

a - standing to me
b - standing about me
c - standing from me
d - standing in front of me

3 - The best thing I suppose is to ask him ........

a - to disappear
b - to vanish
c - to move
d - to depart

4 - That's better I've got a clearer ........

a - sight now
b - view now
c - picture now
d - vision now

5 - It looks from what I can see as if there's been some kind of ........

a - collision
b - event
c - situation
d - position

6 - Yes, now he's gone I can see that there are two cars in the car park that have ........

a - gone through each one
b - gone by one another
c - gone into one another
d - gone into each one

7 - There are a lot of people there in the car park and they're ........

a - driving their arms about
b - sailing their arms about
c - waving their arms about
d - turning their arms about

8 - I'm walking right up to the crowd now to see ........

a - what's occuring
b - what's happens
c - what's happen
d - what's happened

9 - Now I can see quite clearly that the big red car has ........

a - struck the little blue one
b - stroked the little blue one
c - stuck the little blue
d - stricken the little blue one

10 - Oh dear I've just discovered that the little blue one ........

a - is belonging to me
b - belonged to me
c - belongs to me
d - has belonged to me
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