University Vocabulary




Vocabulary Exercises


Public Vocabulary

Please answer the below questions:


1 - Which informal verb means 'to study very hard'? "I'll really have to _________ the books this weekend."

a - hit
b - read
c - learn
d - study

2 - Professor Lansdowne's a great speaker. Although there are 150 people listening to his _________, you feel like he's talking directly to you.

a - presentation
b - tutorial
c - lecture
d - seminar

3 - A: "I'm finding the course really difficult." B: "Well why don't you discuss it with your tutor when you have your __________ on Thursday?"

a - seminar
b - presentation
c - lecture
d - tutorial

4 - Which of the following is NOT correct? "I can't come out tonight, I have to ________ my essay tomorrow morning and I've only just started it!"

a - hand out
b - give in
c - submit
d - hand in

5 - I think Sarah just couldn't cope with the workload of university and a young family, maybe __________ was the most sensible decision she could have made.

a - dropping to
b - dropping off
c - dropping in
d - dropping out

6 - What do you call a weekly meeting of students and a tutor, who come together to discuss an aspect of the course?

a - A tutorial
b - A presentation
c - A seminar
d - A lecture
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